DynLAB Summary

The subject of dynamic and control underlies all aspects of modern technology and plays the determining role in the World-market competition of engineering products. Its importance increases with the ever-growing demands on operational speed, efficiency, safety, reliability, or environment protection. Many national authorities and entrepreneurs in Europe, however, report lack of professionals well qualified in this field as well as a critical overall decline of interest in engineering study among young people. Professional associations call for radical changes in the engineering curriculum and for innovative approaches to vocational training.

The existing courses are criticised namely for discouraging young people from engineering study by overemphasis on theory and on mathematics at the expense of practical engineering issues. Dynamics is covered in several courses separated along the borders between the traditional engineering disciplines despite the fact that most of the contemporary engineering products are of interdisciplinary nature. Control courses are criticised for presenting 'textbook' problems engineered to fit the theory without undertaking a realistic modelling of the controlled systems. Computers are often used to carry out old exercises without radical modification of the curriculum to incorporate them in a way fully exploiting their current capabilities.

The main aim of this project is in developing and disseminating an innovative Web-based course on dynamics and control of multidisciplinary engineering systems. The emphasis and style of the proposed course differs from most of the existing courses by

Such a scope and style will be enabled by introducing a number of innovative didactic approaches and ICT means.