Czech Technical University in Prague, Computing and Information Centre

Applet Builder

Applet Builder is software that can be used to create Java applets for interactive plotting of mathematical functions without any knowledge of Java programming.

Examples of applets generated by Applet Builder:

        Damped Oscillations

        NPN transistor output characteristics

To view the examples you need a web browser supporting Java 1.1 or later.


Creating applets of your own requires

        reading the Userís Guide for the Applet Builder (400KB, pdf)

        downloading and installing the Applet Builder (6MB, zip)

        downloading and installing the Java Runtime Environment 1.4 or later

Current Version of Applet Builder: 1.2, updated on December 29, 2003


Project partly supported by

        FRVä (Foundation for the Development of Higher Education Institutes)

†††††††††† Grant No. 2540 / 2003, and

        Leonardo da Vinci Programme Pilot Project No: CZ/02/B/F/PP/134001

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