Solving examples with DYNAST software online

You are invited to browse through the examples listed in the left column to see how different dynamic systems can be simulated or analyzed by DYNAST online. You can also modify the system parameters and re-submit the examples to observe the resulting changes in system responses or in the system animated behavior.

To submit systems of your own choice in a graphical form, download the working environment DYNAST Shell. The latter software can be used also off line to solve smaller problems.

DYNAST allows for

The multipole models represent mappings of the geometric onto the topological space. Thus the configurationof a multipole model is isomorphic with the geometric configuration of the modeled system. Such a model can be setup easily based on mere inspection of the real system without formulating any equations or constructing a block diagram or bondgraf.

To learn more, read the web-based course on Dynamics of multidisciplinary and controlled systems and download the updated DYNAST Manual.