Efficient control design

Do you want to design control of a plant without deriving its equations or constructing its bond graph?

Then proceed through the following steps exploiting DYNAST, which is freely accessible across the Internet, as a modeling toolbox for the Matlab toolset installed on your computer:

  1. use DYNAST
    • to set up a model for the plant to be controlled
    • to verify the model by its open-loop simulation
    • to linearize the model
    • to export its transfer-function poles and zeros in an M-file
  2. use the MATLAB environment
    • to read in the M-file
    • to design control of the plant, either analog or digital.
  3. Verify the control design
To verify the analog control design
  • augment the plant model in DYNAST by the designed control loop(s)
  • simulate the closed-loop system behavior using DYNAST
To verify the digital control design
  • set up the control structure in Simulink with a block representing the plant model in DYNAST
  • simulate the closed-loop system behavior using Simulink communicating with DYNAST via S-function
Examples of analog PID control design procedure: Examples of digital PID control design procedure:
These examples come from the Control Tutorials for Matlab published by Profs. Dawn Tilbury and Bill Messner at http://www.engin.umich.edu/group/ctm/.

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