Computer Aided Control System Design
Multidisciplinary System Simulation
Chair: Herman Mann
Control Systems Society IEEE

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Try DYNAST across the Internet

Re-solve some of the solved problems
Browse through the collection of solved problems specified by
  • sets of nonlinear equations (algebraic, differential or algebro-differential) in a natural textual form
  • multipole diagrams portraying directly the real physical configuration of various multidisciplinary systems
       In the latter case, the underlying equations are not only solved, but also formed automatically by the server-based DYNAST Solver. You may change the equation or model parameters and re-submit the problems just by clicking a button.
Download a user-friendly working environment
Equations or multipole and block diagrams can be submitted in an even more comfortable and intuitive way using the DYNAST Shell working environment freely downloaded and installed on your PC computer with MS Windows.
Design control with MATLAB more efficiently
Use DYNCAD or DYNAST Shell across the Internet as a modeling toolbox for MATLAB or Simulink installed on your computer to avoid the need to form and manipulate equations characterizing the controlled plant.
Learn more about efficient modeling and control
Visit the website of DynLAB - the Course on dynamics of multidisciplinary and controlled systems in a virtual lab developed within the Leonardo da Vinci EU Programme.

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