Computer Aided Control System Design
Multidisciplinary System Simulation
Chair: Herman Mann
Control Systems Society IEEE

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Benchmark problems

This page is intended to give links to benchmark problems useful for demonstration, testing and evaluation of methodologies and software tools for multidisciplinary system analysis. Please, let us know by e-mail about such benchmarks still missing here. Thank you very much!
Software Comparisons, EUROSIM
Modelica Base Model Library
Manutec r3 robot, DLR
Problems solved using VHDL-AMS, Southampton University
Problems solved by DYNAST, Czech Technical University Prague
Hydraulic network benchmarks, De Montfort University & Brunel University
AIM-Spice Example Circuit Files, supplement to Introduction to device Modeling and Circuit Simulation by T. A. Fjeldly, T. Ytterdal, and M. S. Shur, John Wiley

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